KALAN MNA Obleas is a proudly 100% Mexican brand. Our wafers are made from amaranth and tapioca, adding flavors that come directly from natural sources. Our colors are also natural fruit extracts, which give different colors to our wafers.

Our Wafers

The nutritional value of our flavors is the same, since our base is amaranth, tapioca and 2% of the varying ingredients.

Nutritional declaration per 100 g: Energy content 96 kcal (408 kJ); Protein 2 g; Total fat 0 g, Saturated fat 0 g, Trans fat 0 mg; Available carbohydrates 22 g, Sugars 0 g, Added sugars 0 g; Dietary fibre 0 g; Sodium 25 mg;

Our flavours are flavors of: amaranth, cranberry, cappuccino, activated carbon, chocolate, coconut, mix berries, golden milk, matcha, pecan and taro.

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Mixed Packages

Each package is 60g and contains approximately 50 wafers. Each flavour has its own nutritional table that you can find in feed.

They are very low in carbohydrates so it makes them a snack to eat at any time of day, removing that craving of anxiety, is your best option, if you like to have healthy habits and if not also because they are delicious.

We are committed to the quality of our product and in order to offer freshness, we use this additive approved by the CODEX alimentary (Mexico), by the FDA (United States of America) and by each of the regulatory agencies of the countries to which we export.

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OUR Commitment

At KALAN MNA Obleas we are committed to our product and your health. We have a research and development department that works every day to offer top quality natural ingredients for you and your family. Due to their characteristics, our wafers are suitable for children, pregnant women, diabetics and vegans.

Don't contain added sugars.
Don't contain dairy, the product is vegan.
Don't contain modified starches, gum, artificial colors or flavors.

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