The KALAN Story

Narrated by Natalia.

KALAN started in Monterrey, Nuevo León, México, in May 2018. Nonetheless our entrepreneurship story began way back, when my sister Andrea and I were just little girls.  

Since we were children our mother taught us to be hard workers. Over the years, we observed how she started several projects that gave her a lot of experience in business development. Without any of us realizing at the time, she was teaching us what it meant to be perseverant and fight for your dreams no matter what. These lessons prepared us to overcome all the obstacles on our path to success.

As we grew up, we always had the idea of ​​starting a family business in which the three of us were involved. However, of course, when we got to the University, we took different paths and each one began to develop their own professional career. Until one day, already married and with children, looking to combine our work as mothers, with the dream of developing something together, we gave ourselves the task of reviving our plans. After exploring various ideas and doing extensive field research, we discovered high growth potential in snacks and wafers made from amaranth, recognizing them as a business opportunity.

And KALAN was born  


Name origin and brand mission 

The word “KALAN” means “to take care of yourself” in Maya. And having chosen that word as our name, its main purpose is to convey our mission as a brand that pursues the well-being and comprehensive care of oneself in the physical, mental and spiritual aspects.

Our path to success

In the process of developing the company, from the beginning we dedicated ourselves to doing everything as a team. From  the creative process of choosing an image and an identity for the product, designing the logo, labels and packaging, to doing the scientific research necessary to develop the perfect formula, assuring our customers that the product they´ll receive is one of a kind. 

 Once the product was ready and the production process had started, we packed, labeled and delivered each and every one of the orders that came in. As time went by, our growth came naturally and our business required expanding our team so that we could cover all our customer demands. 

At the same time, we knocked on all possible doors to place our wafers in small shops, boutiques, gyms, etc., always looking to find an ally who would trust us and allow us to sell KALAN.. 

In less than a month, we were selling wafers in two of the most important cities of the country: Cancún and Monterrey. Since then, with a lot of effort we were able to grow the amount of different selling points across the country. 

Suddenly the phenomenon that we started, turned into something very special. We worked day and night to make a good snack to eat on a daily basis and this huge effort started to pay off. Since then we imagined ourselves as a brand that could be globally recognized, and luckily, a lot of people agreed with this vision, and started reaching out to us to become our brand ambassadors and product distributors. It was from this point that we started our distribution model, and our sales skyrocketed! 


Social Media’s role* 

Along with the work we did to place our products in a large number of points of sale, from the beginning we took on the task of communicating our brand through social networks, especially Instagram, which today is our largest communication channel and the one that has greatly detonated our popularity around Mexico and the world.

As of today, thanks to the work we have done during these 3 years to generate content, interact and establish collaborations with both brands and numerous public figures, we have already managed to add more than 155 thousand followers that are part of the active KALAN community who follow us and consume our products every day.


International expansion 

With the growth of our engagement on social media, our brand began to explore other countries and by the time we realized it, we were already exporting our products around the world. 

So it was that, the same thing that happened in Mexico, began to happen around the world. We began to receive interested in selling our products in other countries. And with the help of logistics partners who facilitated our internationalization, little by little we were able to take KALAN Obleas to more than 22 countries with an international distribution model headed by our Mom.


Brand Popularity

The popularity of our wafers has allowed us to participate in different events, such as “Premios Juventud”, Latin Grammys, and TV shows like “Tu Cara Me Suena” o “Celebra con ellas”, among many others in Mexico. 

Actors, singers, soccer players, and influencers such as Sascha Fitness, Thalia, Oribe Peralta, Alejandro De La Madrid have shared our products through their social media and helped us find more and more people that love our brand as much as we do. 



Although last year COVID 19 pandemic shook the whole world creating uncertainty for everybody including us, it’s worth mentioning that it represented the year with the highest sales and achievements for our brand. 


Not only did we consolidate our operation, we improved our formulas, we formalized our internationalization effort; We also doubled our online presence, entered very important supermarkets, launched our sales on Amazon and entered a virtuous circle that has continued to grow since then, largely thanks to international trade and online sales opportunities.



To this day, we are living proof that with conviction, resilience, effort and daily work, dreams can be achieved. And, fortunately, after 3 years of hard work, we can say that we have a solid structure that allows us to continue building that dream that was born when we were just little girls: to continuously offer more and better products. Well, the truth is that we set our own limits. Today we are working on the development of new products in the same way that we have developed everything from the beginning: with heart and soul in every detail to deliver the best product for our community.

And so we will continue, we do not plan to stop anytime soon.