• We estimate 5 business days to ship your order
  • 3-5 días aproximado de envió. 
  • Delivery time varies on each company.
  • 2-5 business days to deliver.
  • Estimated delivery time: 10 business days


Estimated delivery time: 5 – 10 business days

For international shipping, we work in partnership with UPS. Kalan does not take
responsability regarding mis-delivery errors or delivery dates.

Shipping is an extra service you purchase from the courier along with the order from
us, so any shipping issues must be handled directly with UPS, nevertheless KALAN will
assist you throuought the process.

Once your payment goes through our system, refunds do not apply under any

We are unable to advice what the thresholds and rates are for other countries as this
are determined by the respective governments. If upon delivery there are any aditional
charges due UPS will contact you to arrange payment.